WhatsApp was a free zone for cyberbullying. But now it’s changed. Established by law, all mobile internet operators may terminate the contract of those who use their services to intimidate. Terms Against Bullying is a tool that helps victims report cyberbullies anonymously by providing all the information they need to break their contracts and get them off the Internet.

WhatsApp uses cryptography to hide all the content of its messages. By doing that, it also hides cyberbullying.
Because of this, the law cannot be applied due to WhatsApp privacy policies. However there is another way the bullies can be beaten, which is to use mobile phone companies’ terms of service which stipulates that if the customer practices digital violence they may have their mobile phone service terminated.
All it takes is a submitted report via the terms against bullying tool. No personal information inputted will be made public, however it will be used by the mobile company in the processing against the bullying report.