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In recent years it has become harder and harder to tackle the dangerous world of fake news. These fake news have a negative effect on our societies distorting our perceptions, disrupting our democracies, and destroying economies and businesses, too. Budapest Business Journal is one of the most trusted and informed business magazines in Eastern Europe, and is committed to raise awareness, and educate the next generation of decision-makers and businessmen about the problem of fake news. Using the universally-known platform of Elden Ring game, we invited streamers to fact-check information within the game, so they can alert other players to avoid the most popular fake messages left behind. We created an online guide to avoid these "outlets” of fake information, and made them downloadable on major internet forums; and also designed a guide of news outlets that provide factual and objective report on our reality – just like Budapest Business Journal does.

Adote - Type Donation

Donortype was created by combining eight different fonts to represent the 8 human organs that can be donated

Highlighting the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on health services and patients, the number of solid organ transplants fell dramatically around the world between 2019 and 2021 according to research.

Adote is a Brazilian foundation dedicated to sharing information about the organ donation and transplantation process through various tools, such as public awareness campaigns, articles, books, leaflets and stickers, lectures and round tables, in addition to participating in public policy forums. Now their tools of communication includes a less obvious, yet powerful and demonstrative asset: a typeface called Donortype which was designed to promote organ donation.

A person can save up to 8 lives if he/she chooses to donate organs. To generate awareness about this lesser known fact and drawing attention to the life-saving importance of organ donation, we combined 8 different fonts – and gave life to a brand new typeface, called Donortype.

The 8 fonts represent 8 human organs; the new Donortype – with its imperfectly combined, yet normal and functional fonts – artistically expresses the outcome of an organ donation. The whole alphabet of the typeface with their different bits and pieces demonstrate all the survivors, whose lives were saved by the organ donation of others.

Outdoor posters, and social media appearance support the TypeDonation campaign; and besides the special webpage of Donortype, the typeface was also uploaded onto all the important font archives and websites, and made available for free downloads – so when it's shared and used, this very special typeface easily communicates the importance of organ donation.

  • Type Donation Silver Clio 2022

Terms Against Bullying

WhatsApp was a free zone for cyberbullying. But now it’s changed. Established by law, all mobile internet operators may terminate the contract of those who use their services to intimidate. Terms Against Bullying is a tool that helps victims report cyberbullies anonymously by providing all the information they need to break their contracts and get them off the Internet.

WhatsApp uses cryptography to hide all the content of its messages. By doing that, it also hides cyberbullying.
Because of this, the law cannot be applied due to WhatsApp privacy policies. However there is another way the bullies can be beaten, which is to use mobile phone companies’ terms of service which stipulates that if the customer practices digital violence they may have their mobile phone service terminated.
All it takes is a submitted report via the terms against bullying tool. No personal information inputted will be made public, however it will be used by the mobile company in the processing against the bullying report.

  • The Drum – Ranking Report- Most-awarded Campaigns in 2021
  • ADC Global 2021 – Innovation – #TermsAgainstBullying – Merit
  • ADC Global 2021 – Posters / Traditional / Series – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Digital/Mobile: Best Use – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Collaborations & Partnerships – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Avant-Garde/Innovative – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Positive World Impact – Children- Health – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Positive World Impact – Unique Partnership – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Artistry & Craft in Advertising – Illustration – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • NY Festivals 2020 – Activation & Engagement: Best Use – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • Oneshow 2021 – Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze
  • Oneshow 2021 – Digital Product – #TermsAgainstBullying – Merit
  • Lisbon 2020 – Digital – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist

  • Lisbon 2020 – Mobile/App Design – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist

  • Golden Drum 2021 – Social Good – #TermsAgainstBullying – Grand Prix

  • Golden Drum 2021 – Mobile Activation – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold

  • Golden Drum 2021 – Communication Websites – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold

  • Epica Awards 2020 – Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver

  • Cresta 2020 – Websites and micro-sites – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver

  • Webby Awards – Websites & Mobile – Activism – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze (Honoree)

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Innovation | Bronze

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Creative use of data | Bronze

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Digital | Bronze

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Mobile | Bronze

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Radical new strategy | Bronze

  • The Caples Awards 2020 – Non profit – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist

  • Kyiv International Festival – Positive Change / Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold

  • White Square Ad Festival 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Change for Good / Interactive – Gold

  • White Square Ad Festival 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Social Data & Insight – Silver

  • White Square Ad Festival 2020 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Mobile websites – Bronze

  • Oneshow 2021 – Creative Use-of-Data – #TermsAgainstBullying – Shortlist
  • CLIO 2020 – Creative Use of Data – #TermsAgainstBullying Silver
  • LIA 2021 – Data-Led Creativity – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze
  • LIA 2021 – Data Collection and Research – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze
  • Eurobest 2020 – Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver
  • ANDY Awards 2022 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold
  • Golden Award of Montreux 2021 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold
  • Lisbon 2020 – Craft Art Direction – #TermsAgainstBullying – Gold
  • Lisbon 2020 – Innovation – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver
  • Lisbon 2020 – Design Illustration – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze
  • Lisbon 2020 – Mobile Website – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist
  • Lisbon 2020 – Best use of Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist
  • Communication Arts 2020 – Interactive – Websites & Microsites – #TermsAgainstBullying – Winner

  • Mobius Award 2019 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Mobile – Charitable/Non-Profit Organizations – Gold

  • Mobius Award 2019 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Mobile – Education – Silver

  • Mobius Award 2019 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Digital – Education – Silver

  • Mobius Award 2019 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Commercial/TVC – Education – Silver

  • Mobius Award 2019 – #TermsAgainstBullying – Digital – Craft Illustration – Silver

  • PHNX Tribute by AdForum – #TermsAgainstBullying- Bronze

  • AdStars 2020 – Mobile – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver

  • AdStars 2020 – Print – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze

  • AdStars 2020 – Design – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist

  • AdStars 2020 – Media – #TermsAgainstBullying – Finalist

  • Creativepool 2020 – Digital – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver

  • Creativepool 2020 – Digital Craft – #TermsAgainstBullying – Bronze

  • The Gerety Awards – Work for good – #TermsAgainstBullying – Silver

  • MLista 2021 – 1# Best Campaign in Hungary – #TermsAgainstBullying

Self Exam Mannequin

Breast self-exam (BSE), if performed regularly, can be an important way to find a breast cancer early, when it’s more likely to be treated successfully. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a massive 40% plus fall-back in diagnosing and treating breast cancer patients in Brazil.

When the re-open took place in one of the biggest shopping malls in Sao Paolo, Tietê Plaza, we set up special mannequins in the most important international and local fashion stores: mannequins doing breast-self examinations.

We displayed these mannequins in dozens of different stores during Pink October – the breast awareness month. The mannequins caught the attention of shoppers. In the changing rooms of the stores we also applied detailed guides and instructions on how to perform breast self-examination properly.

During the Pink October these mannequins were exposed to more than 700 000 people in the shopping mall, and caught the attention of traditional media channels. It resulted 1.2 M USD in earned media, and 55% increase in followers and 3.7 M social media impressions. This special activation helped women to realize the importance of doing breast self-examination, even during the hard and stressful times of the pandemic.

  • NY Festivals 2021 – Health / Health Awareness & Advocacy – The Self-Exam Mannequin – Shortlist

  • CLIO 2022 – Health/Guerrilla – The Self-Exam Mannequin – Bronze

  • CLIO 2022 – Health/Ambient – The Self-Exam Mannequin – Shortlist

  • Lisbon 2021 – Outdoor Special Format – The Self-Exam mannequin – Finalist

  • Lisbon 2021 – Promo & Activation – The Self-Exam mannequin – Finalist

  • Lisbon Health 2021 – Outdoor – The Self-Exam mannequin – Finalist

  • Lisbon Health 2021 – Activation – The Self-Exam mannequin – Finalist

  • Lisbon Health 2021 – Best Use of Media – The Self-Exam mannequin – Finalist

  • Epica Awards 2021 – Retail Services – Self-exam Mannequin – Bronze

  • Cresta 2021 – Ambient and experiential – Self-exam Mannequin – Bronze

  • Cresta 2021 – Healthcare – Self-exam Mannequin – Shortlist

  • Cresta 2021 – Brand purpose – Self-exam Mannequin – Shortlist

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Self-exam Mannequin – Non-profit & Charity – Gold

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Self-exam Mannequin – brand experience & activation – Silver

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Self-exam Mannequin – Outdoor / Ambient – Bronze

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Self-exam Mannequin – Ambient media – Shortlist

  • Creativepool 2021 – OOH – The Self-exam Mannequin – Silver

  • Creativepool 2021 – Experiential – The Self-exam Mannequin – Bronze

Rododendron film poster

The "Iron Curtain" was the name of the metaphoric barrier separating communist Eastern Europe from the West during the Cold War. The symbolic fence-cutting at the Austro-Hungarian border led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the collapse of communist regimes in Europe. However, in Hungary the road to democracy was a long and tough way, paved with emotional turmoils and individual tragedies. The short film Rododendron focuses on "the last spark" of communist regime before it burns away forever, showing the absurdity of authoritarian systems. The aim of our campaign was to raise awareness for this film, and make the Hungarian audience revisit this important era in the history of Hungary, and see those events from a different, unseen perspective. The campaign/film launch was set exactly on the same day (June 27th) when the story takes place, on the day of that historic fence-cutting of the "Iron Curtain".

Rododendron depicts the last days of Hungarian communist regime and we wanted to re-create the emotional state of those times: uncertainty, fear and bleakness. Our image is black&white to express that atmosphere; only the head of the match is RED. The white lines suggest monotony and suppression, referring to the faceless power of communism. The badge is floating above that featureless texture; the star itself has the same featureless, plain stripes. Only the matchstick stands out of this composition, symbolizing the power of individuals, the fragility of authoritarian regimes. The red star (symbol of communism) is a powerful icon itself. But we wanted the express that the hayday's of communism were over. We showed not the front, but the BACK of that badge. Attached to a single matchstick, this symbol is really about expressing the last spark of communism, creating a poetic reference to the theme of the film.

  • NY Festivals 2021 – Design / Craft / Illustration

  • Rododendron Film Poster – Shortlist

  • Oneshow 2021 – OOH – Rododendron – Shortlist

  • CLIO 2021 – One-sheet / International – The Last Spark of Communism Rododendron – Silver

  • Eurobest 2020 – Industry Craft – Rododendron – Silver

  • Golden Drum 2021 – Illustration – The Last spark of Communism – Gold

  • Kyiv International Festival – OOH – Rododendron Film Poster – Gold (Best of Contest)

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Rododendron – Outdoor / Poster – Gold

  • White Square Ad Festival 2021 – Rododendron – Illustration – Gold

  • Communication Arts 2021 – Illustration

  • Rododendron – Finalist

Be Selfish, Give Blood. Red Cross

It seemed a little known fact but by giving blood, you actually get a lot back from it. This has historically never been expressed. We took this opportunity to run this when blood stocks were critically low due to covid lockdowns. And the response was way more effective than previous campaigns.

Emarat "Expect the Expected" Launch

Emarat needed a brand refresh as they hadn’t advertised in over 15 years. To coincide with their 40th Anniversary in the UAE we created a full 360 campaign and brand redesign along with creating their new brand positioning tagline “Expect the Expected”

  • Campaign Magazine Campaign No3 in the Middle East 2020

FOX - Working Dead

What would happen if the Walking Dead invaded the Georgian* countryside? A frugal farmer would most probably put them to work - crushing grapes with feet in the traditional wine-making vessel, working the field, and singing along the folk songs.

For the Georgian premiere of the Walking Dead on FOX/Magti TV, we decided to bring the material of the show closer to the local culture. A short film in the form of a mock-investigative report takes us through the daily routine of Gogita, a regular farmer who has domesticated a couple of walking dead and uses them to help out with his chores. The video is full of local references making the world of the TV show accessible to Georgian viewers.

The short film was viewed by more than 700K times in 3 days (from 2 million total Facebook users in Georgia), shared over 5K times, and covered by the media (BBC, www.on.ge, etc.) turning the activation into the most viral campaign piece of 2018.

*Georgia as in country, not the US state.

  • Webby People’s Award- Scripted

Gastropolis Cooking School - Get Mesmerized

Gastropolis Cooking School in Budapest wanted to improve their online presence and attract more people to its cooking courses. But how to convince people that Gastropolis offers a unique, unparalleled cooking experience? 

How can we expose people to this complex experience of cooking? How can we make them curious about it – when our main communication channel is a single website?

Get them mesmerized. Show them a revolutionary, magical dimension of cooking no-one has experienced before. We’ve created a website that gives an unusual, mesmerising visual experience, taking the viewer on an infinitive culinary loop journey inside the mind-blowing dimensions of five different cuisines: Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Italian and French. Thus generating curiosity and excitement about the various cooking courses of Gastropolis.

Fact File
The endless loop of this culinary journey required 53 individually drawn vector files. It took more than 600 hours to create (including conceptualizing, scripting, designing, drawing, colouring, rendering, building the technical background). The psychedelic music of the website was created by one of the most famous DJ’s in Hungary; all the sounds were recorded at the cooking school, and only the sounds generated by the actual kitchen equipment were sampled.

  • Wood D&AD

  • ADC Bronze

Carlsberg - Chocolate Bar

Some people might think beer and chocolate is a bit of an odd pairing. But Easter tends to mark an uplift in sales within the beer category, so we wanted to keep Carlsberg front of everyone’s minds over this period. We wanted people to be thinking about beer as much as they’re thinking about chocolate.

We made an entire pub from chocolate, even pint glasses that actually can hold beer and pretty much everything else, even classic football imagery out of white, dark and milk chocolate. Yum.

  • Cannes Shortlist

Galaxy - 'Chauffeur'

Galaxy had a problem, Cadburys were out selling them, as Galaxy was seen as an out-of-date unfashionable brand and currently running an ad that was way past it’s sell-by date.

The decision was made to revive the old endline that people still remembered and had love for... “Why have cotton when you can have silk” this not only had a superior tone to it but also a timeless quality, this assisted in leading the creative.

A rather ambitious idea was hatched, which was to bring back to life Hollywood’s greatest starlets with the help of Danny Kleinman and Framestore with new cutting-edge techniques and as yet untested.

The idea was to produce a timeless ad, which would appeal to young and old alike and become a modern-day classic.

After a year of research and after contacting Audrey Hepburn's sons, finally we got the green light and production began.

The launch of the Chauffeur spot couldn't have gone any better, sales jumped and the buzz online was incredible, it simply went beyond all expectations.

  • Graphite D&AD

More4 - State of Russia

Channel 4 were launching a season of programmes all focusing on Russia. Mainly to highlight the problems that they are currently facing that the west is unaware of.

This required an emotive piece of communication that simply and clearly communicated the problems they faced. The ad was shot using 2 real actor bears in Nova Scotia, one bear decided it was too cold and retired to his Winnebago.

  • Yellow D&AD

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