Galaxy had a problem, Cadburys were out selling them, as Galaxy was seen as an out of date brand and currently running an ad that was way past it’s sell by date.

The decision was made to revive the old endline that people still remembered and had love for… “Why have cotton when you can have silk” this not only had a superior tone to it but also a timeless quality, this assisted in leading the creative.

A rather ambitious idea was hatched, which was to bring back to life Hollywood’s greatest starlets with the help of Danny Kleinman and Framestore with new cutting edge techniques and as yet untested.

The idea was to produce a timeless ad, which would appeal to young and old alike and become a modern day classic.

After a year of research and after contacting Audrey Hepburn’s sons, finally we got the green light and production began.

The launch of the Chauffeur spot couldn’t have gone any better, sales jumped and the buzz online was incredible, it simply went beyond all expectations. It also picked up a graphite pencil at D&AD.