Get Mesmerized Gastropolis Cooking School

Gastropolis Cooking School in Budapest wanted to improve their online presence and attract more people to its cooking courses. But how to convince people that Gastropolis offers a unique, unparalleled cooking experience?

How can we expose people to this complex experience of cooking? How can we make them curious about it – when our main communication channel is a single website?

Get them mesmerized. Show them a revolutionary, magical dimension of cooking noone has experienced before. We’ve created a website that gives an unusual, mesmerising visual experience, taking the viewer on an infinitive culinary loop journey inside the mind-blowing dimensions of five different cuisines: Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Italian and French. Thus generating curiousity and excitement about the various cooking courses of Gastropolis.

Fact Files:
The endless loop of this culinary journey required 53 individually drawn vector files. It took more than 600 hours to create (including conceptualizing, scripting, designing, drawing, colouring, rendering, building the technical background). The psychedelic music of the website was created by one of the most famous DJ’s in Hungary; all the sounds were recorded at the cooking school, and only the sounds generated by the actual kitchen equipment were sampled.