Jim’s career has been underscored by an unwavering commitment to engagement, a cornerstone he embraced from the outset while honing his craft under the mentorship of Trevor Beattie at TBWA. This dedication has since become the hallmark of his approach to writing, creative direction, and mentorship.

Spanning seven different countries and creative departments with teams ranging from 3 to an impressive 45, Jim’s Creative Director roles have exemplified his global reach, working with diverse nationalities and cultures.

A testament to his exceptional prowess in the advertising realm is his remarkable collection of international accolades, spanning both creative and efficiency categories across diverse media and disciplines. His illustrious career boasts campaigns that have not only garnered creative acclaim but have also been recognized for their profound effectiveness.

Jim’s portfolio boasts an array of standout achievements, including the renowned Galaxy Chauffeur campaign and the revival of the iconic “Why have Cotton when you can have silk” slogan. His global impact is exemplified by his pivotal role in launching “It has to be Heinz” on a global scale and, more recently, the groundbreaking “Terms Against Bullying” initiative. This multifaceted campaign not only earned the distinction of winning the most awards in 2021 but also played a crucial role in curbing the surge in cyberbullying exacerbated by lockdowns.

Jim’s affiliation with Hyper Island underscores his dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, particularly in the realms of social campaigns and pioneering digital initiatives, reflecting his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry innovation.

In response to the evolving work landscape in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Jim seamlessly transitioned to a state-of-the-art home office, ensuring that his work maintains its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Agency History

Jim's illustrious career path has traversed various agencies, each contributing to his impressive track record. In his capacity as the Creative Director at White Rabbit, Jim has been instrumental in elevating the agency's international profile. His involvement in the acclaimed "Terms Against Bullying" campaign, recognized as one of the world's most awarded campaigns in 2021, is a testament to his strategic and creative prowess. Importantly, Jim's leadership has not only garnered creative accolades but has also yielded profound effectiveness in addressing critical societal issues.

Jim's tenure in Dubai in 2019 marked a significant milestone as he embarked on the mission to establish a creative department from scratch in an agency primarily focused on PR. Within a mere six months, he cultivated a multicultural team of 16, secured Emarat as a client for their new brand line "Expect the Expected," and spearheaded a £2 million multimedia launch campaign. This period also witnessed the acquisition of prominent clients like Cleveland Clinic, Spinnys, Costa Coffee, and the World Games, highlighting Jim's exceptional leadership and business acumen.

During his tenure as Creative Director at H+K, Jim not only managed and mentored creative teams but also played a pivotal role in overseeing key accounts such as Shell, Nespresso, and Activision. His strategic guidance and creative direction translated into campaigns that not only received critical acclaim but also delivered tangible results.

Jim's role as Creative Director at DDB Barcelona involved spearheading the global launch of the Cupra brand and managing Audi International. His ability to lead and mentor a diverse, multinational team was integral to his success.

At Target McConnells, the oldest ad agency in Ireland, Jim led the charge in launching Vodafone's sponsorship of the Irish Rugby team, anchored around the tagline #teamofus. His strategic creativity not only enhanced brand positioning but also drove tangible business impact.

Jim's tenure as a Senior Creative at Fold7 marked several agency milestones, including their first Gold at Cannes, a Clio, and a Gold at the Campaign Big awards. His ability to deliver creative excellence while fostering a collaborative creative environment was pivotal.

In his role as a Board Director/Creative Director from 2008 to 2013, Jim made a significant impact on various accounts, including Tourism Australia and EDF. He also spearheaded the launch of brand campaigns and taglines such as "It has to be Heinz," "Restaurant Australia," "Feel Better Energy," and the reintroduction of "Why have cotton when you can have silk." His contributions not only secured creative recognition but also delivered tangible results for clients.

Jim regards his tenure at 4Creative between 2006 and 2008 as a pinnacle in his creative journey. His direct collaboration with clients facilitated seamless idea execution, and working alongside Creative Director Tom Tagholm made producing world-famous work feel effortless.

Trevor Beattie's invitation to join the industry in 2001 marked the beginning of Jim's remarkable journey. His work at TBWA, alongside industry legends, solidified his expertise, and his ability to deliver world-class work across various media is a testament to the nurturing environment and exceptional mentors he had the privilege to learn from, including Ben Priest, Brian Campbell, Al Moseley, Ed Morris, Paul Silburn, Matt Gooden, Danny Brooke Taylor, and Ben Walker. During those years, Jim wrote, created, and even directed over 30 TV ads in the first year and a half alone for News International, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking, from framing and editing to casting and art direction. TBWA London was undoubtedly the epicenter of advertising excellence in London.

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